Makeup Artist Tips For Rocking Lips Makeup Tips

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Makeup Artist Tips For Rocking Lips

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Prose Wistful hand when it comes to our autumn beauty routine, we are as passionate and inspired by the rich warm colors. There is no better time to reach for chocolate eye shadow, deep-sea liner or crunchy red lips. We manage to drop the red lips, we met up with Makeup Artist Tips Tim Quinn famous for his expert advice.

Choose The Right Color:

Although still in style, a red lip is a particularly good choice for fall. “I always think red lips add sophistication and elegance that align perfectly with the rich colors of the fall fashion,” said Quinn. The key to choosing a shade that works with your skin tone. Quinn suggests “light skin looks best in blue based red, medium and olive toned skin should try a red-based Orange, and dyed darker look great in brown-red berries, tones of wine.

Keep Hydrated Lips:

Especially in the cold season, hydrated lips are a must when wearing a lipstick standout. Exfoliate your lips like fresh-Quinn Lip Scrub sugar and color before applying a balm for silky face. Quinn also recommends “new red lipstick on Ecstasy Giorgio Armani. You shea butter for convenience / healing, and you can apply directly from the tube.

Prepare Like a Pro:

Once you have your lips soft, they prep for the longest possible lasting color. Lipstick primer is great, but Quinn was an expert, advanced dual mission of his own: “put foundation on your lips first neutralize” and help lipstick in place.

Checkout Look Flawless:

According to Quinn, the most common mistake when women with lipstick is “over the top, the rest of her look.” Keep the rest of your clean, classic and simple makeup with either a “classic smoky cat-eye and soft eyes,” he suggests.
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