Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes


Well hello there so recently, from seasonal changes, I wear dark lips and keep my Hooded Eyes makeup easily. Even with the single eye, makeup with the right nuances in the right places can make a huge difference to the form. My eyes are hooded, which is a notoriously difficult shape when it comes to eye makeup. Today, I thought I give you some tips that I’ve recently learned, and to show how certain basic neutral colors can brighten up my Hooded Eyes and make them look a little bigger.

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

Makeup For Hooded Eyes Look

It’s amazing what a difference can be made by creating shadows and really subtle reflections. All the colors used in the composition below are from Urban Decay Naked Palette the original, but you would get able to watch the same with a similar neutral color palette. As long as you are good to go to create shade and shimmer to highlight, then stick to you Matt.

Best Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

I start by sweeping Sin in my eyelid. This shimmery champagne shade illuminates the eyes really well on its own. Then I (but not on) uses the “naked” shadows from the crease to brow bone. This tint is a very light brown matt, which creates a very subtle shade. It is a bit small step makes a big difference! Then I use the medium matte Braunton ‘Buck’ in the fold. Mix this with “naked”, it is also the shadow becomes darker and makes the crease look deeper.

If I save the time and stress by jumping liquid eyeliner, I “Dark Horse” on my line outside lashes and makes my lashes look a little thicker. Last but not least, I have something of the shadow highlighting “Virgin” on the inner corner of the eye and lacrimal gland, too. This is certainly the best thing for tired eyes and a step, I would never jump! Another trick to brighten the eyes at the end with a naked eye liner on the waterline, lining is my favorite Rimmel scandal eyes.

Makeup Trick For Hooded Eyes


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